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Eight-K = 16 times the resolution of HD (1080) and will offer cleaner images for all markets, from feature films, IMAX and large format productions to advertising, broadcast, signage and exhibit installations including matrix’d screen installations and when down-rezzed to over-sampled 4K and HD, the footage will be even cleaner and sharper than what is available today.  The technological advances keep moving forward, especially in computing power and imaging. This year the next step in camera resolution will hit the market at 8K (4320) with the RED Weapon VV (8K)

The 8K sensor will be a ‘VistaVision’, full frame 35mm dimensions, which offers a very wide selection and variety in lenses, framing and aspect ratios.…and with the never ending advances in technology we can expect to see in the next few years even higher resolutions coming to the market.