Digital Signage Expo In Las Vegas

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Avatar Studios was an exhibitor at the 2015 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas last month. We were excited and amazed by all the new and innovative approaches that were displayed to bring the art of video into more areas of our lives.

We met and collaborated with both attendees and exhibitors who shared their incredible stories of success from their digital signage approaches which we learned a lot from. But the best part of being at the expo was it allowed us to experience in person all these new technologies and their effectiveness. We were amazed by the promotional power of the large interactive digital walls as wells the new hologram HD3 technology. There are too many examples to list them all but overall we walked away from the Expo feeling inspired. And most importantly we saw firsthand that digital signage without the right content that is kept fresh will just become “expensive wallpaper” as Margot Meyers a member of the DSE advisory board so fittingly described it as.

Avatar partnered with LG-MRI this year at the Expo in Vegas and we produced most of the company’s digital signage content for their exhibit booth which included taxi cab toppers, drive through food menus and beverage cooler doors just to name a few. It was a great partnership where we were able to show how Avatar understands the importance of getting the right message in the right place at the right time.

At Avatar our team of illustrators, editors and designers have been working in the digital signage world since its inception and to be successful in your digital signage campaign an experienced team for both content and technology is a must! We are confident after leaving the DSE Expo that our team can execute for any company, business or retailer large or small the right content to achieve the desired mission. We understand all the elements involved in getting digital signage right.

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