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Digital signage is a new medium for the distribution of video content.  It is more than just a TV screen – it’s a fully integrated, centrally managed, worldwide distributed, but locally delivered message tool kit.

Malls, retail stores, convenience stores, restaurants, universities, doctor’s offices and more are perfect venues for a display system with your content on it.  Avatar has partnered with technology manufacturers, content delivery networks, RSS/data feed companies and others to develop networks for a very diverse client base. We can custom build the screen for client branding, add graphics, animation, video content and RSS feeds, or play the video full screen.  Everything can be centrally scheduled and managed to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right place and time. We can produce content for any screen size or resolution. We are aspect ratio and resolution agnostic, HD, 4K, 5ft. by 35ft, vertical or horizontal.

Our Web based asset management technologies allow us to build a library, pull video assets from the library to make a playlist, put the playlist in a schedule and assign it to one or many video displays anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity. We also integrate digital signage with apps and social media platforms to bring a complete, technology-based message delivery system to life.

Avatar Digital Signage empowers you to be with your customers at the best time and place to entertain, inspire, and motivate action.


Take a look at our digital signage demo.