Avatar’s Digital Signage Gives the University of Mary Washington a Visual Boost

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UMW Digital Signage 1 UMW Digital Signage 2

“It hits you in the face right when you walk in!”, said Ken Bronson, Director of Avatar Technologies.

University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia wanted to increase the appeal of the new student union building using digital signage.  As digital signage experts, Avatar was in a position to help.

“We understand how people interact with signs,” said Senior Designer, Ben Mendez. “When the goal is to create a better sense of place through branding, you can’t just roll a ticker or throw up canned content.”  Avatar broke down the University’s messages and created visuals that would work no matter what time of day you walked in.

In order to cater to the unique aspect ratio of 35×5, Bronson worked with the University to source the technology.   “It just works,” said Bronson. “We devised the playback system that is simple to use, without blowing the budget”.

Avatar’s “content first” approach to digital signage has once again proven effective and efficient.